CHS (Advent Project)

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Advent Project Outreach to Children’s Ward, Penang General Hospital

By Andrew Loh   Dec 17, 2021

Goodie bags distribution to the Children’s’ Ward at the Penang Hospital was one of our Advent projects. The items for the goodie bags were donated by the CEC children of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (CHS), parishioners and friends of CHS (in the form of cash or in-kind).

The CEC children were asked to help donate a small gift (worth not more than RM10) and they were also asked to make get-well cards to be attached to the goodie bags.

CHS Floral Team assisted with the packing of the goodie bags, including the making of coloured ribbons for the tying of the get-well cards to the goodie bags.

A total of 90 goodie bags were delivered to the Penang Hospital on the morning of 17 December 2021. The response to the above project was very good; and all of us, the CHS community, have made it a meaningful experience for the sick children at the Penang Hospital and for ourselves too.


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