CHS (Sharing Hope 2.0)

By CHS   February, 2022

One of the issues that was highlighted in March 2021 by Sharing Hope volunteers was on the pro-longed Covid-19 pandemic which has adversely affected the country’s economic, resulting in unstable businesses and work, and many families’ savings are depleted.  At the same time, the existing donors and sponsors that were supporting the outreaches were also being affected themselves.

MoP then invited all outreach groups and ministries, notably Agape Meal, Society of St. Vincent De Paul and BECs that has been supporting their community in the past years, to come together in raising awareness in the parish for more volunteers and donors to sustain and strengthen the existing outreaches, as it would allow them to reach out to bring hope to more families at this crucial time.   

The collaboration under Sharing Hope 2.0 (“SH2”) then started in April 2022, with food hampers provided to approximately 50 families.  SH2, being part of local parish Caritas in CHS, also worked together with Caritas Penang Diocese to connect with other parishes to support requests that was coming in from all over Penang.  

In May 2021, the Malaysian government imposed full lockdown, and the groups in SH2 responded to the increasing needs, with the peak in the month from June to August 2022 with approximately 250 food hampers being given out monthly.  

Penang state then moved into National Recovery Plan, Phase 3 in mid-October 2021 and Phase 4 in November 2021 and many were able to secure or resume their work or small businesses, and the requests then subsided. 

As at February 2022, SH2 continues to support approximately 80 families monthly.


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