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Give alms to the poor

Sharing Hope started as a simple parish project to provide dry provisions for the low-risk covid patients at the quarantine centre.

Today it is being reformed into Sharing Hope 2.0; it is a platform to encourage all who wish to reach out to the poor. Under its umbrella are SSVP, Agape Meal (a Chinese apostolate group that helps the poor), the Ministry of The Poor, BECs, and other individuals. They coordinate among each other; some handle the purchase and some do the packing; the respective groups and individuals would come and collect provisions and bring it to the people.

My name is John David, I am 69 years old. Formerly I was at CHS parish but now I shifted to Balik Pulau parish.

I was involved in PHDC, Migrants ministry 7 years back.

I started helping CHS during the MCO. When the church wanted volunteers to help to reach out those in need.

My work was sending the packed supply to the families concerned.

Apprehensive at first as I was badly hurt in a previous parish but on volunteering to CHS, n seeing other volunteers work n parish office staff n parish priest running d distribution felt comfortable.

Yes. I pray for them after distribution and driving off as all my recipients are all non Catholic. 

I usually pray that God will continue take care of them.

The 1st trip I made and saw some of the recipients really waiting and in need, I felt how lucky I was.

All of us are equal only some have and some don’t. And again, I m happy to do something which I was called and in answered God’s calling.

Bring yourself to be in their position of suffering and respect them whoever they may be.

(as I am staying in Balik Pulau, I told the committee that I want to continue doing this every month till I am able to. Cos I want the recipients to know that they too are God’s creation.)


Start a Kempen Kasih in my community.

We want to invite you to take the first step on your journey by simply stopping for a moment and prayerfully and humbly seeing and hearing the people around you.

The next step is to start a Kempen Kasih in your family, school, office, ministry or church, to offer food to the hungry, a caring hand to the sick and dying, listen to the voice of the voiceless and echo their cries, and giving alms to those who are needy.

Finally you are welcome to inspire us with your Lent experiences.

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Renew Our Hearts to Care

May our care for creation and the poor move us to action.


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