Call to Prayer and Solidarity for Turkey and Syria

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Caritas Malaysia has now launched the Relief Fund Appeal 2023, which will run from 5 January to 22 February 2023. Your contribution will support those affected by flood and other disasters, providing them food, shelter and help rebuild their lives. Help support the cause and thank you for your generosity.

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Call to Prayer and Solidarity

Let us join the call to prayer by the Holy Father for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Many have died and in suffering from this tragic disaster. Some of our dioceses in Malaysia are organising prayers and adoration. Please join in. And spread the word to pray for the ongoing rescue and relief efforts. We will keep you updated.
Noted by Bishop Bernard Paul
8 Feb 2023


Situation Overview

According to the last declaration of Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay Monday’s earthquakes and powerful aftershocks have killed at least 3,419 people and injured another 20,534 in southeastern Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday declared a disaster zone in the 10 southeastern provinces affected by the devastating earthquakes, imposing a state of emergency in the region for at least three months.

Caritas Anatolia:

The Diocese of Anatolia region has been strongly affected by the earthquake. The Cathedral of Iskenderun totally collapsed and Caritas Offices and spaces were strongly damaged.  The Syriac and Orthodox Churches of Iskenderun collapsed too and unfortunately a security guard of the Orthodox Church lost his life.

Public Transportations to the Anatolia region are partially closed. School and Public spaces has been closed since 6th  February in all the country.

The National Emergency Focal Point had a coordination meeting with AFAD to collect all information. Together with CI and CE a teleconference has been organized. A first emergency team has been set up in order to start to work on the assessment.

The Listening Center hotline of all diocesan offices (Izmir, Istanbul,Anatolia) have been open since the first earthquake giving indication in coordination with AFAD.

Caritas Anatolia, in coordination with the local authorities, is gathering displaced people  in safe and open spaces and trying to distribute some hot meals and clothes. Since yesterday night 400 households in the Iskenderun area have been covered with blankets and food.

Electricity and Water are not fully available in all the area. Caritas Anatolia finished the 8 tons of water available in the diocese.

At the moment 75 persons are hosted in a safe space of the diocese in the suburb of Iskenderun city.

The diocese of Izmir and Istanbul are supporting the Listening Center Hotline and collecting materials to send help to Anatolia Region.

Caritas Staff is all safe, unfortunately we lost some friends and some beneficiaries.   

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