Encountering Jesus

My Lent Experience

Over the course of Lent, many people faithfully took part in prayers, fasting and almsgiving. If you did listened to Him through prayers and attended to the cries of society through fasting and almsgiving, your heart would have touched by God in some way.

What was it? How did you experienced God through the works of mercy?

Could you share some or all of your story, perhaps on social media, or send your favourite Bible verse to someone to encourage them today?

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and His victory over death on Easter, thank Him that we are free to believe in Him, and free to share our stories.

Priest's Testimony

Fr Joachim Robert

Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, Penang

In a special way today, despite the unavoidable challenges and distractions that each day bring, God helped me realize how purposeful and meaningful one’s life can be.

Journeying with persons in their various needs and seeing them progress grow in life, through the grace of God, edifies my heart.

I was graced with a sacred moment to anoint a prisoner at the hospital today, still in handcuffs for crimes not known.

At that very moment, the image of the prodigal son became so real. The gift and treasure of the priesthood, to minister to the lives of others, is truly an exchange of God’s grace received and shared with the other. The work of the Holy Spirit is intimately felt in the soul, recognizing that God has placed each one of us in that present moment, at the right place and at the right time.

I am grateful and blessed to have all of you being so supportive in the life journey and ministry of a priest.

Parishioner's Testimony

Benign Kevin

Sad, especially the suffering and poor who need food and a home dan migrant who need aid, a place to stay and food.

It is the saddest moment when the suffering and poor express their thanks.

To be more concerned towards the suffering, poor, migrant without a place to stay, and victim of domestic abuse. Aid and help are needed especially clothing and food.

Volunteer to serve God and those in need, regardless of religion, race or nationality.

Church of Christ The King, Sungai Petani

How God touched you this Lent?

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