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Together we do something amazing.

Planet is our common home. This common home is like a sister with whom we share our life. And this sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will. 

A Better Future

Hurricanes. Broken agriculture. Biodiversity loss. Hear those stories. See for hope today. Will it get better? This is a movie that joins voices for our natural environment, for our Earth.

Climate Change and Us

Extreme weather hurt lives and livelihoods.

“Climate change is contributing to the heart-rending refugee crisis. The world’s poor, though least responsible for climate change, are most vulnerable and already suffering its impact,” – Pope Francis


Producing electricity, making things in factories, and eating lots of meat create gasses that thicken the atmosphere. Heat from the sun is trapped close to the Earth.

Unhealthy air

Warmer air holds more particles. People with asthma or respiratory illnesses find it hard to breathe.

Sea water rising

Warm ocean water expands. Glaciers melt. Coastal areas are flooded.

Flood or drought

When the ocean changes, rainfall changes. Some places are drier and some places are wetter.

Heavy storm

Hurricanes and cyclones get their energy from the ocean. A hot ocean means strong storms.

Refugee crisis

Some areas become unliveable. The people who live there are forced to migrate. Conflict often comes next.

Get Closer

Climate Crisis in Malaysia​

Anyone on a flight from Sabah or Sarawak to Peninsular Malaysia cannot help but be saddened by the sight of large tracts of deforestation that has taken place.  These impacts are expected to have numerous environmental and socioeconomic effects, exacerbating existing environmental issues and reinforcing inequality.

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Rivers are polluted in Malaysia.
0 +
persons displaced due to heavy rains and floods from 2021 - 2022
0 mil
million tonnes of plastic waste, second highest in Asia.
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million hectares of forest lost from 2002 -2022
St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology

"A healthy relationship with
creation is one dimension of
overall personal conversion."
- St Francis de Assisi


Let us recognise our errors, sins, faults and failures, and to have a heartfelt repentance and desire to change.

How Caritas Work

8th Work of Mercy – Mercy to our common home​

Pope Francis wrote an “encyclical letter”–a short book that popes write–called Laudato Si’. It encourages us to see how “everything is connected.” The way we treat the Earth, our common home, is a reflection of how we treat each other. Caring for each other means caring for the home we share.

Activities and Programs

Laudato Si Week

Tzu Chi Environmental Protection Education Centre

In conjunction with the Laudato Si Week, Caritas Penang organised a 2 days event to promote the need of care for creation. We begun our first day event in prayer and reflection to renew our hearts to care for creation. Next we visited Tzu Chi Environmental Protection Education Centre to learn how they run the recycle centre. Read more

Lenten Project - Clean Up Day

Pantai Seagate, Bayan Lepas

In line with Lenten theme Renew our hearts to care for our common home, Caritas Penang organised clean up event in collaboration with Tzu Chi Merits Society Malaysia to raise awareness on proper waste management to help reduce pollution and protect the environment.

This simple action of picking up trash brought people from diverse backgrounds together, united in a common goal, to keep the environment clean. Read more

CJC Retreat, Theme: Listen to the voice of Creation

Garden of Bethlehem, Minor Basilica of St Anne Bukit Mertajam

It was an introduction to what eco-spirituality is relevant to the world's current situation. Eco-spirituality connects the science of ecology with spirituality. It manifests the spiritual connection between human beings and the environment. Current ecological crises have created a need for environmentally based spirituality. As Christians, there is an urgent need to be introduced to and practice it.

World Cleanup Day

Pulau Tikus

Church of the Immaculate Conception participated in Penang World Cleanup Day 2022. Led by Ms. Suzy, volunteers from the church came together to clean up the adopted spot despite the rain.

Introduction of Laudato Si and Stop Plastic Pollution

Kampar, Perak

The Creation Justice Commission (CJC), Diocese of Penang was invited by the Church of the Sacred Heart ( CSH), Kampar to conduct a workshop on the “Introduction of Laudato Si and Stop Plastic Pollution” from 11th Sept. 2022.


This event was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, for the community from CSH Kampar, to experience the Season of Creation 2022 and the Protect the Earth, Protect Our Children Campaign Year 3 – Stop plastic pollution.


There were talks presented by the CJC team, a “hands-on” experience of how to recycle, and an exhibition of life without plastic.


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Our Partner

Penang State - Creation Justice Commission

Caritas Penang is collaborating with Penang State – Creation Justice Commission in care for creation activities and programs. You may access their website for more information on Sustainable Lifestyle and how to care for our common home.

What is Caritas

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It is to spearhead the church’s social mission, to respond to humanitarian crisis, promote integral human development and advocate on the causes of poverty and violence.

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