Post Lenten Campaign update

This year we witnessed many good works carried out by the Lenten team in respective parishes. For example the youths collaborated with other ministries to visit the elderly, sick and lonely, and church members after they learned about the effects of climate change are determined to put a stop to it.

Kempen Kasih Cheque Presentation

On 20th January 2024, in conjunction with Lenten Campaign 2024, Caritas Penang presented a total of RM269,200 to 39 recipients (29 Parishes and 10 Social Mission & Charitable Organizations in the Penang Diocese).

Extreme Poverty

Poverty today is because people are hoarding, not sharing and not caring. This is a story of an elder woman and her family of 5 who live in extreme poverty.

Orang Asli

The poverty and injustices among Orang Asli community is real and often neglected. This is a story of a marginalized orang asli settlement in Perak.


Unloved during childhood and broken family are the top reasons of drug abuse. This is a story of an ex-inmate who went to prison for more for than 10 times.

Unloved Children

Children suffer from the lack of love can affect their whole life. This is a story of an unloved child, he was born with HIV, abused and rejected by family.


Migrant workers are easy target for abuse. This is a story of a woman who ministers to the migrant community and witnessed the struggle they are facing.


People who are homebound often burdened with negative thoughts yet they desire a listening ear that never comes easy. This is a story of the servant of God.