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St Anne Dialysis Centre BM


Poor & Sick



Location : Bukit Mertajam

Need : Donation, Visit

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Persatuan Kebajikan Haemodialisis St. Anne

St Anne's Haemodialysis Centre is a non-profit NGO catering to the needs of renal failure patients for their hemodialysis treatment on a free or subsidized basis.

uphold human dignity




Care & Treatment

Location : Penang

Need : Volunteers, Visit


Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is a not-for-profit Catholic hospital serving all persons, regardless of nationality, race, belief, or income, with love, respect, compassion, and care.

mercy home





Location : Butterworth

Need : Donation, Volunteers

Donation raised:

Mercy Home

Mercy Home is a shelter home for women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

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Social Decline in Malaysia

The social dimensions of global change include the effects of technological innovations on employment, social exclusion, an inequitable distribution and consumption of energy and other services, social breakdown, increased violence and a rise in new forms of social aggression, drug trafficking, growing drug use by young people, and the loss of identity.

These are signs that the growth of the past two centuries has not always led to an integral development and an improvement in the quality of life.

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Prisoners in Malaysia
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Victims fallen to drug from 2013-2020
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Adults and children living with HIV
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Malaysians died of AIDS

“I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.”

~ Matthew 25: 35-36

How Caritas Work

Be a good samaritan

The parable of the Good Samaritan is told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. It’s about a traveler who is stripped of his clothing, beaten, and left half-dead alongside the road. After others have passed by and ignored his plight, a Samaritan happens upon the traveler. Samaritans and Jews despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man despite their differences.

Journey together with the sick
Caritas support ministries of social concerns in the church to end the illness and tragic loss of life caused by HIV and AIDS. It brings medical, social, and emotional support to people living with HIV and AIDS as well as spiritual care.
Pray and faith-sharing with convict and ex-convict

Caritas works with ministries at the church to provide counselling and support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, and aftercare programmes for ex-prisoners and those recovering from substance abuse which include halfway homes, community homes and trainings, to support them towards reintegration into the society.

From The Catholic Social Teaching

Uphold human dignity.

The Catholic social teaching principle of human dignity is about understanding that each of us is made in God’s image. Every person has an innate human dignity no one can take away.

Human dignity is given freely to all human beings; whether saint or sinner, imprisoned or freed, powerful or marginalized. Christ died for all so that all could have the fullness of life, and therefore every human life is considered sacred.

Our common humanity requires that we respect and uphold the dignity of every human being. All our other rights and responsibilities flow from this dignity. This principle is deemed the central aspect of our Church’s social teaching. The idea that each life has value is shared with International Human Rights, which are also universal, inviolable, and inalienable.

Genesis 1:26

God said, ‘Let us make human-kind in our image, according to our likeness.’

Jeremiah 1:4

The word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.’


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The Catholic church’s mission is to carry out and continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth. Therefore, we seek to work with communities, non-governmental organisations, and local authorities to promote an inclusive and sustainable development for all.

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What is Caritas

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It is to spearhead the church’s social mission, to respond to humanitarian crisis, promote integral human development and advocate on the causes of poverty and violence.

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