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Care for Homeless & The Poor


Lighthouse is a center where the hardcore poor and the homeless, regardless of race or creed, are provided the necessities of food and drink and a place to rest in a clean and hygienic environment.

Feeding Centre

Provide food for an average of 100 persons on each feeding day. The services are manned by in-house workers as well as voluntary teams of people, providing love and care for the poor.

Counselling Aid

Help those addicted to corrosive habits to discard them permanently and lead a richer, fuller, and healthier life. We also seek to accord the same kind of services to victims of various kinds of mental, emotional, and physical abuse who need a sympathetic ear and a helping hand.

The Bright Sparks Children Learning and Support Centre

A learning and support centre that enables and nurtures urban poor, underprivileged and homeless children to attain their fullest potential in education and social graces.

A Place of Hope

Established Since 2003

Our mission is to be there for those in dire need but has none to turn to. We aim to find suitable solutions for their problems or, at the very least, help alleviate their anguish. Our vision is to help promote a society where each one is always ready, willing, and happy to reach out to the less fortunate and underprivileged in our midst in a spirit of love and compassion.

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How to Help

Your actions today can create lasting change

In the Gospel story of the five loaves and two fish, Jesus fed the multitude. Today, millions of people go to bed hungry even though there’s an abundance of food in this world. Caritas works on every level to ensure the hungry are fed. Help us make a difference in your life and the lives of countless homeless and needy people.


Volunteers make a crucial contribution. Find out how you can be one.


We brought together a collection of prayers and reflections for you to use.


Please give to Caritas generously. Your support makes our work possible.

More information

Learn more about their latest appeal, program, and activities.

A boy who has been with our centre since Form 1 graduated with a Machining & Molding certificate from Montfort Boys Town.

    Kevin Shan

    Success student

    This student has journeyed with us since primary school has now completed his Form 5 and waiting for his SPM result. He has now developed computer skills through our IT sessions.

      Jesan Joseph

      Success student

      A client who was the first to be in our rehabilitation program was sent to Langkawi to work as a waiter in restaurant. He is now a bot operator who own 3 boats.


        Success client

        An ex gambler who now owns a western food hawker stall in a coffee shop in Georgetown.


          Success client

          A depressed street person who has been through our counselling sessions is now a shipping agent in Port Klang.


            Success client

            An ex addict who joined us since 2004, underwent our drug rehabilitation program and is now our centre's night hawker.


              Success client

              An ex addict who has been with us for seven years, and to presently our grave maintenance program supervisor who doubles up as an hawker in the night at our centre.


                Success client

                A young run-away from home whom we picked up in the street hurt and down trodden, having spent 3 years with us he is now a staff of St Joseph's Home.


                  Success client


                  A Place of Hope for the poor and needy.

                  The Lighthouse – “A Place of Hope” is a Community Service Centre by Caritas Penang (formerly known as Penang Office For Human Development or POHD), the social arm of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Penang. It was opened to reach out to the people of the urban poor, underprivileged, homeless, and marginalized backgrounds in society.

                  We feed and provide various services, and jobs to the needy via our few projects.

                  The Lighthouse Community Service Centre was initiated on 19th March 2003. It began humbly with only 6 clients and 12 volunteers using the St Francis Xavier’s Church compound, operating 3 days a week, offering only dinner. As the number of clients increased, tea time was added.

                  Due to the pandemic lockdown, our operation changed. We temporarily suspended food serving in our canteen but we still serve food packs daily at 4 pm except Sunday to the homeless.  

                  The Lighthouse has also successfully journeyed with several victims of drug addicts. They have now fully recovered and are able to go back to work.

                  Lightworks - Creating Opportunities

                  An offshoot of The Lighthouse feeding center, it embodies the possibilities of new beginnings for citizens who have faced extreme challenges in integrating themselves back into society.

                  The Lightworks - Contract Services

                  Lightworks trains our clients for outdoor Contract Services, creating a livelihood for them. When you engage Lightworks, you would be raising an underprivileged person to stand you on his/her own feet.

                  A person who works under Lightworks is given shelter at The Lighthouse St Peter’s Home and an allowance for their hard work. For those who wish to save part of their income, we assist by saving part of their allowance into their savings account.

                  Below is the services offered by Lightworks:

                  The Lightworks - Thrift Shop

                  The Lighthouse Thrift Shop started operating in 2011. Pre-loved items which are donated by well-wishers are resold here. The items are mostly clothing, books, toys, shoes, bags, etc. For those who want to clear their clutter, which is still reusable, you are welcome to donate here.

                  At the Lighthouse Thrift Shop, any underprivileged person who wishes to learn some basic entrepreneurship skills will be given on-job training.

                  The Lightworks - Technical, Vocational, Educational and Training Programme (TVET)

                  In this program, we offer youth who have completed SPM to take up technical courses at the Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC) or other colleges offering technical courses. The students who are studying at PSDC under the Lightworks TVET Program will be provided with a monthly allowance and even accommodation if needed.

                  Our Partners

                  These shops operate as collaborators under Lightworks   – Creating Opportunities. A percentage of their proceeds help fund the students apart from providing a training ground for them under the Lightworks – TVET Programme.

                  The Lighthouse Café

                  The Lighthouse Café is a pre-war house turned into a simply designed Cafe with a cool and cozy ambiance. It is a great place for dining while bonding with your peers or family. The cafe is now operated by a church parishioner in collaboration with The Lighthouse.

                  The menu consists of Oriental and Western Food. Customers will be served delicious and reasonably priced food with a free flow of ice cream.

                  The cafe can be booked for private functions. It also provides job opportunities for any underprivileged person who is interested to work at the Cafe.

                  The Lighthouse Bakery & Pizza

                  The Lighthouse Bakery started operating on 15th September 2009 by training our clients with some bakery and basic entrepreneurship skills. Our main hot sale pastry item is The Lighthouse Signature Chicken Pie (curry or mushroom flavors). Usually needs pre-orders so that customers can get it fresh from the oven. A new and highly recommended addition is the Colonial Pork Pie.


                  Enjoy your chicken pies at The Lighthouse Cafe or get freshly baked at The Lighthouse Bakery. Pizza lovers, fresh hot! Non-Halal pizzas are sold here.


                  The menu is uniquely and personally crafted by Pizza Chef – Hwa. Their specialties are Pork Bacon, Pork Chorizo, Four Cheese, Hot Buffalo Chicken, English Breakfast Pork Sausages, Kimchi Pork Belly, and Salted Egg Pizza, just to name a few. Open for bulk orders too.

                  Heritage Pies and Pastries

                  Heritage Pies and Pastries is the newest partner of Lightworks – Creating Opportunities. They serve Premium Chicken Pies, Nasi Lemak, and Cakes.


                  You can come as volunteer to teach children, help in the kitchen, clean the place, care for homeless. Contact their office to learn more opportunity to help either as an individual or small group.


                  Please give to Caritas generously. Your support makes our work possible.

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