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Cause: Migrant

Need : Donation, Prayers, Volunteers

Medical Mission

Many migrants especially those who came to Malaysia without a valid documentation will face severe problems. We work with parish Caritas, NGOs and Governments to assist them to get their travel documents, treat those who are sick and rescue those who are in trouble.




Livelihood support

Cause : Refugee & Asylum Seeker

Need : Donation, Prayers, Volunteers

Refugee Mission

The plight of Refugees and Asylum seekers are too huge to address. The lack of human rights towards refugee community forces them to live in poverty, illiterate, difficult to find a job and have to bear expensive health care. We work with parish Caritas and NGOs to assist those who face distress and have no one to help.





Cause : Stateless Children

Need : Donation, Prayers, Volunteers

NTA School for Refugee Children

NTA school for Refugee Children provides meal, vitamins and education to ensure the children grow up with bright future.

Our Program

Treat the sick, cloth the naked.

Caritas addresses the issues around migration directly. It works to advise and protect all migrants – men, women and children – to prevent trafficking and abuse. Caritas advocates for the rights of domestic workers – who are often migrants – and for proper legal protection for all people who move to find work and security.


Neonatal death rates are very high among migrant communities; we work with churches to bring doctors, nurses, volunteers, and provisions to help them every month.


Many sexual harassment cases among women and immigration issues happen within communities. The church resolves the issues by connecting them to the right authorities.


Many children born in Malaysia are not granted an opportunity to study. Churches work together with immigration, the embassy, and the police to provide teachers and educational materials in their villages.

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Migration & Human Trafficking in Malaysia

Malaysia’s resources and strategic location have made our country a major destination and a transit country for trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, with migrants often falling prey to unscrupulous recruiters which leaves them stranded and undocumented.

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Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Malaysia
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Refugees and Asylum Seekers
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Refugee children under 18 years old
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Children are detained in detention centres

“I was a stranger and you took me in; naked and you clothed me.”

~ Matthew 25: 35-36

How Caritas Work

Welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees

Migrant labourers on farms or construction sites may be overworked and underpaid; domestic workers may face physical and sexual abuse, and child migrants may be kept out of school and taken advantage of. The risks facing migrants are many.

Some are tricked by people they trust. They are sold into slavery or prostitution or fall prey to organised criminal gangs. Migrants can also be abused by law enforcement authorities and employment agencies.

Caritas supports migrants, upholds their rights, and helps them live in dignity. It advocates for better legislation to protect them.

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Migrants are ministered at Kampar

Through our parish, Caritas provides medical, shelters, legal help and job training for migrants. Caritas ensures that migrants are aware of the risks before they leave home and know how to get help afterwards.

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Refugee Children are able to read and write at Alor Setar
Caritas works to change laws so that migrants are treated justly and it presses for international treaties on migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and trafficked people to be adopted, ratified and implemented.
From The Catholic Social Teaching


The love of God in us is witnessed to by our willingness to lay down our lives for others as Christ did for us. 1 John 3:16-18 

We are one  human family whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological  differences. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, wherever they may be.  Loving our neighbor has global dimensions in a shrinking world. At the core of  the virtue of solidarity is the pursuit of justice and peace. Pope Paul VI  taught that “if you want peace, work for justice.”1 The Gospel calls us to be  peacemakers. Our love for all our sisters and brothers demands that we promote  peace in a world surrounded by violence and conflict.

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The Catholic church’s mission is to carry out and continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth. Therefore, we seek to work with communities, non-governmental organisations, and local authorities to promote an inclusive and sustainable development for all.

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What is Caritas

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It is to spearhead the church’s social mission, to respond to humanitarian crisis, promote integral human development and advocate on the causes of poverty and violence.

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