Migrant workers are easy target for abuse. This is a story of a woman who ministers to the migrant community and witnessed the struggle they are facing.


People who are homebound often burdened with negative thoughts yet they desire a listening ear that never comes easy. This is a story of the servant of God.

Climate Change & Fossil Fuels

Earth’s resources are being stripped off everyday for the sake of profits and causes climate change that harm the entire creation. What can we do now?


Climate change causes frequent flooding and the root cause of climate change is becauseof our human greed. This is a story of a flood victim in Kedah.


People become homeless because of complicated reasons. They are living in the darkness and hopeless. This is a story an old man who was rejected.


Refugees fled their country because of wars but hated by many when they arrived in a new country. This is a story of a Rohingya refugee in Malaysia.

Extreme Poverty

Poverty today is because people are hoarding, not sharing and not caring. This is a story of an elder woman and her family of 5 who live in extreme poverty.

Orang Asli

The poverty and injustices among Orang Asli community is real and often neglected. This is a story of a marginalized orang asli settlement in Perak.


Unloved during childhood and broken family are the top reasons of drug abuse. This is a story of an ex-inmate who went to prison for more for than 10 times.