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New Thessalonians Apostolate (NTA) is a homegrown Catholic missionary organization under the patronage of the Titular of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Penang. NTA runs various humanitarian programs focused on bringing relief and access to basic needs to non-central parts of Malaysia.


The NTA school for refugee children gives quality education, daily meals, and a vitamin program to help a refugee family


Protection for Survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence and also Mental Health Support for Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based violence

NTA School for Refugee Children

Established Since 2012

NTA School for Refugee Children is a project wholly owned and run by The New Thessalonians Apostate. It began in 2012 when a humble living-room in a humble home was transformed into a place of learning.
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People have always moved away from their homes to find work or to escape war, natural disasters, poverty, persecution, inequality and hunger. Caritas believes in a positive view of migration – refugees should be welcomed as they bring many benefits to their host countries not just those they left behind.


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A Place for Refugee Children to Study, Eat and Play.

The NTA School for Refugee Children in Alor Setar, Kedah began in 2012 when a humble living room in a humble home was transformed into a place of learning. Since then, the school has moved to a more conducive location and has had nearly 200 students come through its doors. Today, the school is operational with 4 full-time dedicated teachers managing 4 classrooms between them.


The school focuses on a simple yet wholesome education. This includes the 3Rs and basic living and social skills including hygiene, health, communication, and confidence building.


As of 2015, we also care for the nutritional needs of our children by providing them with 2 healthy meals a day, i.e. breakfast and lunch, and ensure that they receive nutritional supplements in school (e.g. multivitamins). This is to address the poor state of health and lack of nourishment the children are normally in when they first joined.

The Moral Vision

While NTA’s guiding vision is rooted in the seven themes of Catholic Social Teachings, we subscribe to a strict policy of non-religious interference in recognition and respect for the diverse religious beliefs of all those we seek to serve.

How NTA works during Pandemic lockdown

When we were hit by the Covid 19 Pandemic and our country-restricted movement, NTA made the below pledge:

  1. All of our children and their families will have food.
  2. All of our children and their mothers will be safe.
  3. All of our children will continue to have access to education through virtual learning and worksheets sent to our student’s homes

Once the lockdowns were lifted, in-school learning resumed by breaking our children into multiple groups in two sessions. There was a completely new normal within the classroom,  all while our teachers adhered to frequent self-testing protocols.

This year so many have lost access to medical support or are unable to obtain the support needed due to border control. NTA has been ensuring that they can obtain emergency medical support, medical support for chronic illness, and prenatal/postnatal care.  


You can be part of the team by becoming their teachers. Write them an email for inquiry.


Please give to Caritas generously. Your support makes our work possible.

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