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Serve Jesus in the poor.

Caritas relies on the commitment of many who offer their services as volunteers in the name of faith. Most of them are highly qualified professionals with backgrounds in various fields, like management, social work, logistics, etc.

Faith in Action

People with compassion, are at the root of their action: they feel the other person's feelings, suffer with them, and share the struggle for quality of life using the possibilities that exist.

Disciples of Christ

Laymen, laywomen, people of all ages, including youth, with the mission to announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with freedom and autonomy, without falling into militancy, conscious to accomplish a mission entrusted to them by God.

The Role of Caritas Volunteer

to help promote our work in your parish.

The help of Caritas volunteers is essential to our mission of listening to the pleas of those in need and responding with action and love. When you volunteer to help people in need, your practical and compassionate actions can make all the difference to them.


Keep your parish and community informed of Caritas news and events.


Arrange for one of our staff or volunteers to visit your parish or community to speak about Caritas.


Join the Caritas network to advocate, assist, and pray for people in need.


Providing humanitarian activities by caring for the people in need and victims of natural disasters.

Become a Volunteer

The Catholic Social Teachings guides us to be local missionaries in our dioceses and parishes, caring for our brothers and sisters in need and for our common home, ensuring that on one is left behind or marginalized.

From The Catholic Social Teaching

Protecting peace and justice in the society.

The Catholic Social Teaching guided us to be local missionaries in our dioceses and parishes, caring for our brothers and sisters in need and for our common home, ensuring that no one is left behind or marginalised.

Solidarity with the poor.

The priority of common good

The importance of human dignity.

The moral value of work.


Call Us If You Want To Work Together

The Catholic church’s mission is to carry out and continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth. Therefore, we seek to work with communities, non-governmental organisations, and local authorities to promote an inclusive and sustainable development for all.

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What is Caritas

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It is to spearhead the church’s social mission, to respond to humanitarian crisis, promote integral human development and advocate on the causes of poverty and violence.

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Caritas Penang comes under the jurisdiction of The Titular Roman Catholic Bishop of Penang.

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