Who Are We

Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly. –  Micah 6:8

Sebastian Francis (Bishop of Penang Diocese) & Bishop Bernard Paul (President of Caritas Malaysia)

Who Are We?

the Christian love for humankind

Inspired by the Gospel- being the helping hand of the universal Church, Caritas reaches out to the poor, the vulnerable, and the excluded regardless of race or religion, to build a world based on justice and fraternal love. 

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Years History

it all started with just one man. From humble beginnings in Germany in 1897, Lorenz Werthmann founded the first Caritas. Until today, Caritas has a rich history of listening respectfully to the suffering of the poor and giving them the tools to transform their lives. The profound moral and spiritual principles of dignity, justice, solidarity, and stewardship still guide Caritas today.

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Organisations Worldwide

Caritas Malaysia was initiated at the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei (CBCMSB) in January 2020. The 9 archdiocesan and diocesan bishops opted for its introduction into the Malaysian Church, to spearhead the Church’s social mission agenda. Read more

Our Vision

A sign of God's love for humanity in Jesus Christ.

A civilization of love that reflects the Reign of God, where justice, peace, truth, freedom, and solidarity prevail, in which the dignity of the human person made in the image of God is paramount. Where the marginalized, oppressed, and excluded find hope and are empowered to come to the fullness of their humanity as part of a global community.

Faith in action

We animate Catholic communities and all people of goodwill in solidarity with their suffering brothers, sisters, and creation.

Emergency response

We respond to humanitarian crises, promote integral human development, and advocate for the cause of poverty and violence.

Transforming lives

We work to ensure that our natural environment is managed responsibly and sustainably for all. We serve disadvantaged communities and people in the worst off to live in peace and dignity.

Calling for a better world

We seek a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon.

Our Mission

Toward a civilisation of love.

Caritas Penang is a ministry of the mission concerned under the diocese of Penang. We are accountable to the local communities, Board, and ultimately our Bishop Sebastian Francis. But we are combined as part of the Caritas Malaysia, Caritas Asia, and Caritas Internationalis as body of the Universal Church.


We connect with the parishes and social mission groups.


We collaborate on social mission work with Churches, CSOs, NGOs, and Governments as bridge builders in tapping on our spiritual gifts as one body of Christ to serve the vulnerable and voiceless.


We strengthen our partnership in reaching out to the needy by engaging parish community to work together.


We revive the social mission in the church and help Christians to serve out of love, so that all humanity may testify to the love of Christ through our faith and deeds.

Our Values and principles

For the love of Christ impels us.

The work ethics and processes at Caritas Penang are guided by the Scripture and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church which are reflected in our values as part of the body of the Catholic Church.

Dignity of the human person

In His own image, God created man - male and female (Gen1:27)

We strive to enhance and uphold the dignity of the human person at all times. We are guided by what impact our actions have on the dignity of the human person. We will also ask how the dignity of all persons is realised and expressed in social and economic structures.

Gender equity

Women and men make their unique contribution to our world, giving full realisation to that which is fully human

Where there is an imbalance in the participation of men and women, we are poorer at our work and relationships. Thus, we work with all people regardless of race, sex, religion, or politics.

Social justice

Listen to the voice of the voiceless and allows them to speak for themselves

The intrinsic concern of Caritas Penang is to see the poorest social groups take charge, individually or in social solidarity, in developing their human dignity.

The preferential option for the poor

Take up the cause of the poor as our own, putting ourselves alongside them

We are guided by Christian Scripture to work for the liberation of the oppressed and an equitable sharing of the gifts of the Earth, helping the marginalised be responsible for their own liberation and development.


The fruits of solidarity are peace, justice, and human development

We express a firm determination and commitment to the common good. Solidarity binds us together in the common vision of establishing a world where all human beings receive what rightly belongs to them as sons and daughters of God.

Subsidiarity and partnership

Within and beyond the Catholic family seeking justice and the best transformation within society and the world

We promote and strengthen national, diocesan, and parish Caritas, returning the rightful ownership of projects and development processes to local communities.

Integral human development

Development is based on Christian, holistic understanding of what human person is

We embrace therefore human, spiritual, and economic elements. We strive to develop the whole person and transform unjust social systems.


Shared responsibility for the human community

We are committed to developing processes that prioritize active participation as the foundation of a democratic and inclusive society.

Sustainability and self-sufficiency

Consciously reduce unhealthy dependency

Through our relationships, we aim to strengthen the autonomy and capacity of one another and strengthen the relationship with our own constituency.

Cooperation to achieve impact

a better world can and must be achieved for all to enjoy fully by working together

Through collaboration with organisations based in local communities, we create bonds of shared values and  action that validate a vision of an inclusive and just society.

Care for Creation

A renewed commitment to hear the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth (Laudato Si)

We believe that the planet and its resources are entrusted to humanity. We seek to act in an environmentally responsible manner as true stewards of creation.


Laude Deum

Praise God

Laudate Deum is an urgent call to tackle the climate crisis, recognising that time is running out. 


Together We

Restore, Renew, Rebuild

Our 4 years plan (2021-2024) to Restore the lost Hope, Renew Faith and Rebuild Communities.

Our Role

focus on the common good and lead everyone forward.

As a member of the Caritas family, the Bishops felt the Malaysian Church could benefit from capacity building, regional networking, professional expertise, and work in solidarity with other Caritas for vulnerable communities in Malaysia. Thus in Nov 2020, Caritas Malaysia was officially launched, followed by the setting up of the Diocesan and Parish Caritas in different dioceses, including diocese of Penang in 2021.

Caritas at the Parish
Ministries of mission concerns connected
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Catholics to be mobilised
Church in action
Where we work

Caritas is organised at parish, diocesan, national, regional and international level.

Diocese, parish and local communities play a key role in animating conscientising, and mobilising believers, as well as men and women  of good will around them, to respond to the call of the Kingdom. Among various entities and levels of Caritas family, a spirit of co-responsibility must animate the conversation and activities – that all are trying to build together the one mission and one body of Jesus.


Caritas Penang empowers our parishes. We connect parishes with ministry from other parish to go on mission together and assist in term of fundraising.


Caritas Penang works in a partnership with our Catholic Missionary Organisation to promote awareness and volunteerism.


Caritas Penang collaborates with every ministry in parish and diocesan level to mobilise believers for their mission to help the poor and marginalised.

Caritas Network

Whenever crisis hit, we also work with other diocese office, Caritas Malaysia or other NGO on National or International relief program.

Caritas is present and active in


parishes in the Diocese of Penang

Those who serve in Caritas mission must be first and
foremost “true witnesses of Christ” – Pope Benedict

Our Caritas Family

We work in solidarity with other Caritas offices.

Caritas Malaysia consists of the nine Caritas diocese offices and the Caritas national office, with affiliates from congregations and other Catholic organisations engaged in the field of charity and integral development at a national level. 


Call Us If You Want To Work Together

The Catholic church’s mission is to carry out and continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth. Therefore, we seek to work with communities, non-governmental organisations, and local authorities to promote an inclusive and sustainable development for all.

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What is Caritas

Caritas is the charitable arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It is to spearhead the church’s social mission, to respond to humanitarian crisis, promote integral human development and advocate on the causes of poverty and violence.

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Caritas Penang comes under the jurisdiction of The Titular Roman Catholic Bishop of Penang.

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